Tiny Habits That Get Big Results

Tiny Habits That Get Big Results

Having skin that easily reacts to products or specific ingredients can be upsetting and frustrating. Many of the most common skin irritations are a result of what we’re putting on our skin, which over time breaks down the skin's barrier and causes sensitive skin. 

Skincare with irritating ingredients

Skincare products can damage your skin, even the products that say 'safe for sensitive skin'. The biggest culprits are things that shouldn’t be on your skin at all. Those ingredients include artificial fragrances, parfum, non-organic and mass produced essential oils, drying alcohols, parabens, silicones and sulphates. These are readily found in everyday skincare products and can harm the skin’s natural barrier over time. 

When the skin’s barrier breaks down, a range of skin challenges are likely. Think things like inflammation, flaky skin, eczema, rosacea, sensitive skin, and acne. In fact, you’ll hear some dermatologists say that the nicer the product smells, the worse it can be for your skin. Yikes. 

Avoid pesky bacteria

We recommend washing your face three times a day –– once with just warm water in the morning and twice with cleanser at night. That applies especially if you’ve been to the gym, if you are wearing make-up, or if you are living in a humid environment. 

It’s not just face cleaning that’s important. Truth is, many daily activities can lead to a build-up of bad bacteria. Your pillow might even have more bacteria than your toilet seat! Gross right? That’s why we recommend washing your pillow case 1-2 times per week –– with fragrance-free detergent –– to avoid a build-up of nasties. 

Washing your make-up brushes is helpful too. To do this, use your regular face wash ensuring it doesn’t include any of the main trigger ingredients.

It’s also important to avoid touching your face during the day. If your hands aren’t clean you’re likely spreading dirt, oil, and bacteria to your face which can then lead to breakouts and clogged skin. 

Small tweaks  are the best place to start!

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