How to Fix a Damaged Skin Barrier

How to Fix a Damaged Skin Barrier

Damaged skin barrier causing you some grief? We know how you feel! Read on for our key tips on how to repair it. But firstly…

What the eff is a skin barrier?

Your skin’s barrier is kind of a big deal. Think of it like a wall that keeps the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. 

Everyone has a fatty layer on the skin that works to protect them from nasties. Chemicals, bacteria, heat, UV rays, and pollutants are kept out while all important water is kept in the skin. 

How does the skin barrier get damaged?

A damaged skin barrier is common for those of us who have sensitive skin. 

It can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it’s genetic. For most of us though, it’s down to exposure to a range of things like scrubs, allergens, irritants like fragrance and parfum, pollutants, sun overexposure, acne medications and harsh topicals.

So, what can you do?

Increased barrier protection is the answer. Fortunately, you have the power to improve it!

Here are our top tips...

1. Avoid Scrubbing

Scrubs can be way too harsh – especially for sensitive skin types. It’s better to opt for gentle cleansers that won’t aggravate your face.

2. Use Clean and Minimal Ingredients

You don’t want that barrier broken down by ingredients that shouldn’t be on your face – things like fragrances, drying alcohols and parabens can be highly irritating. Avoid them where possible. Choose skincare products that have nourishing ingredients so that your natural oils remain intact.

3. Keep it Simple

There’s a tendency to overdo skincare. Let’s be real: you probably don’t need a 9-step routine everyday! Keep it simple with quality products that are gentle and non-irritating, and always apply a mineral SPF as part of your morning skincare routine. 

4. Boost your 'Biome

Your skin, like your gut, has billions of microbiome. When the ‘biome’s out of whack, chances are your skin barrier is weakened too.

Boosting your ‘biome means protecting your skin barrier. Products with probiotics genuinely improve the health of your skin and address skin concerns to keep you glowing for the long term. 

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