Is SKINPOSSIBLE™ an Australian brand?

Yes! All of our products are formulated in a lab by experienced Biochemists, right here in Australia. SKINPOSSIBLE™ is owned and operated in Australia by its founder, Jade Williams.

Are all SKINPOSSIBLE™ products gentle enough for sensitive skin? 

Absolutely, and we take this mission seriously. We are committed to ensuring that our products are effective for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin or an impaired skin barrier. We are an inclusive brand - we won’t leave anyone behind.

Are SKINPOSSIBLE™ products safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our products have been designed to be effective for everyone, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, we do always recommend you talk to your GP before using anything new during pregnancy.

Are SKINPOSSIBLE™ products irritant + allergy free? 

We have gone to great lengths to create premium skincare products that are effective without causing irritation or a bad reaction. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please always check the ingredients list of our products before using them to be on the safe side. And if you are ever unsure, we are always happy to assist via email hello@skinpossible.au

Is SKINPOSSIBLE™ a vegan + cruelty free brand?

We don’t use animal derived ingredients in our products, and we don’t test on animals (just keen and willing human participants!), so you can safely use our products without worrying about any cute little critters being harmed in the process.

How long will my products last after I've opened them?

We always include expiry information on the back of each product and on the outer packaging, and we say 12 months to be safe. However, here’s an insider tip - if you store the product exactly how it is described, and all the time, you can get up to 24 months out of our products.

What is Bio-fermented Skincare?

Glad you asked! Bio-fermentation is a scientific process that involves using innovative ingredients extracted from natural raw materials to ferment strains of microorganisms (like probiotics). Through fermentation, active ingredients undergo a breakdown into smaller molecules, enhancing their absorption. This transformative process amplifies the potency of natural skincare ingredients, enabling them to permeate the skin more effectively.

Do SKINPOSSIBLE™ Products contain live probiotics?

When our products are formulated, we mix live probiotic cultures with natural skincare ingredients to increase their potency and absorption by the skin. This kicks off the bio-fermentation process, and it is also how we access the benefits of prebiotics and postbiotics. Once the live probiotic cultures are mixed with other ingredients, they are no longer live cultures (and nor do they need to be, because we have already achieved the benefits to our skin when we complete the bio-fermentation process). This also means our products are shelf stable and don’t need to be stored in the fridge.

SKINPOSSIBLE™ products include prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. Why all three?  

Clinical studies have shown prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic skincare can significantly increase the populations of good bacteria on the skin, reduce inflammation and redness, assist with balancing the pH of the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. We believe that harnessing the power of all three – prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics – will give your skin the best possible chance of achieving a reduction in sensitivity for the long term, by effectively balancing the skin’s microbiome back to its natural balance.

Are SKINPOSSIBLE™ products non-comedogenic? 

Sure are, in fact we take great pride in formulating products that have the optimum level of pH to ensure they don’t clog pores. We have included the pH level, and the % of active ingredients, for each of our products in the description on our website’s product pages.

Are SKINPOSSIBLE™ products safe to use for children and teens? 

Our formulations are clean + gentle enough for young skin and can be safely used on children 10 years and older. If your child or teen has a specific skin condition, we always recommend seeing a Dermatologist before trying new products.

Are SKINPOSSIBLE™ products 'clean' beauty? 

Well, we think so. We call them ‘squeaky clean’. Our products are formulated without what we call Possibly Problematic™ ingredients. We have made a pledge that we will never include these ingredients in our products. This ensures you get all the benefits from a formulation without the added, and unnecessary, nasties. Learn more about Possibly Problematic™ ingredients here.

Are there any other skincare products that should be avoided when using SKINPOSSIBLE™?

We recommend steering clear of popular and over-the-counter facial oils. This is because they can counteract the benefits of probiotics and therefore make our products less effective. They also tend to clog pores if used too often, leaving you in a sensitivity loop. If you want to use oils on your face, we suggest only doing so rarely, and only with 100% pure seed oils such as cucumber or grapeseed. 

Is SKINPOSSIBLE™ really fragrance free? The products smell good! 

We're glad you think so! Yes - our products are 100% fragrance free. If you are wondering why they smell good, take a look at the hero ingredients listed on the front of the packaging and on the product pages of our website. We include nourishing ingredients that also happen to naturally smell good. These are ingredients such as mango butter, cucumber seed oil, grapeseed oil, licorice root, aloe vera, and pineapple. This way you get skincare that’s enjoyable to use without the worry of it causing a reaction on your skin. Win, win.

How do I recycle my SKINPOSSIBLE™ products?

We have included how to recycle each product in the product pages. We make every attempt to ensure our products are recyclable, and we will always let you know if something isn't recyclable in the product pages. 

Each product arrives in a fully recyclable, FSC certified outer box. The shipping box that your products arrive in is also fully recyclable and FSC certified. The tape we use to secure your shipping box is 100% compostable. 

Skincare, but better.