Microbiome 101

Your skin is the largest organ, this much we know. But if you zoom in - really zoom in - what you may not know is that your skin is home to trillions of microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, fungi, and viruses, all working together to create what we call the microbiome. 

What influences the skin microbiome?

Think of a balanced skin microbiome as a thriving ecosystem that keeps your skin healthy, glowing and functional. But here’s the kicker: maintaining an equilibrium is not as easy as it sounds. 

Stress, pollution and certain skincare ingredients can disrupt your microbiome, leading to skin concerns such as redness, irritation, sensitivities and breakouts. This disruption can create a cycle where harsh products are used in an attempt to remedy these issues, only to further perpetuate the problem. 

Is your skin microbiome healthy?

A healthy skin barrier keeps the good stuff in (moisture, vitamins, protective lipids) and the bad stuff out (irritants, pollution, dirt). However, when our barrier is weakened over time, our skin becomes dramatic - overreacting to everything from a weather change to a new face cream.

This can make your skincare routine feel like you’re walking a tightrope.  

How do you nurture and recover your microbiome?

As you embark on the journey to strengthen your skin microbiome, consider the scientifically-proven trio of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. Here’s how they benefit your skin health:

  1. Prebiotics act as nourishment for beneficial bacteria, establishing a thriving microbial community. They provide the fertile ground necessary for these microorganisms to prosper.

  2. Probiotics, the beneficial bacteria, play a key role in re-establishing and maintaining your skin’s microbial balance, helping to alleviate issues like inflammation and eczema.

  3. Postbiotics, the metabolic by-products of probiotics, offer additional support by improving the skin's texture and strengthening its defense mechanisms.

These three elements - pre, pro and postbiotics - unite in every SKINPOSSIBLE™ product, working to strengthen the skin barrier over time and reduce sensitivity to external stressors.

Developed by leading microbiome experts in Australia, SKINPOSSIBLE™  formulations not only restore balance but also infuse your skin with moisture-enhancing and glow-boosting ingredients, proving that those with sensitive skin can still indulge in luxurious, skin-loving treatments.

What should you avoid?

Ditch the dermal disruptors - harsh, irritating, or unnecessary ingredients. With our Nothing Possibly Problematic™ promise, we keep your skin’s guest list clean, ensuring only the good stuff gets through.

Remember, building skin resilience is not an overnight achievement. It requires consistency, care and the right products. At SKINPOSSIBLE™️, we’re here to support your skin every step of the way. 

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