Meet our Founder - Jade Williams

Meet our Founder - Jade Williams

After enjoying a successful IT leadership career at some of Australia's most well known companies, Jade Williams decided to leave it all behind in 2023 in pursuit of solving a profound personal struggle: sensitive skin.

Battling endometriosis since the tender age of 13, she endured recurrent surgeries and debilitating cystic acne. After using conventional acne treatments for many years, including a prolonged stint on Roaccutane, her skin barrier was left damaged and extremely sensitive.

Dermatologist recommended chemist brands were all that was available to her, as they were unlikely to make her sensitive skin worse - but after trying everything on the market, Jade found that these products weren't actually doing anything to improve her sensitivity (and they weren't particularly nice to look at on the bathroom shelf, either).

Frustrated by the lack of effective solutions, and feeling like an outsider in the world of mainstream skincare, Jade embarked on a quest to revolutionise the industry. Fuelled by her personal journey, she embarked on a research project delving into microbiome skincare. This journey unveiled the pivotal role of a balanced microbiome in skin health, inspiring Jade to develop SKINPOSSIBLE™️.

At the heart of SKINPOSSIBLE™️ lies Jade's unwavering commitment to inclusivity and efficacy. Armed with a meticulous understanding of sensitive skin and a passion for innovation, she curated a product line devoid of potentially harmful ingredients, drawing from her own Possibly Problematic™️ list. She partnered with expert microbiome scientists in Australia to ensure every formulation includes a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics, pioneering a new era of skincare for sensitive skin that not only avoids triggering reactions, but actively improves skin health.

Jade's mission goes beyond skincare; it's about empowerment and inclusivity. She envisioned a brand where individuals with sensitive skin could find solace and confidence, free from the fear of adverse reactions. Through SKINPOSSIBLE™️, Jade is challenging the status quo, redefining beauty standards, and championing a future where people with sensitive skin feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

Jade lives with her family in Melbourne, Australia.



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