Skin Positivity - Our Fave Skincare Trend

Skin Positivity - Our Fave Skincare Trend

Tired of the beauty industry making you feel like there’s something wrong with you just because you had a flare-up last week?

The truth is those pores, redness, breakouts, scars and so-called ‘imperfections’ are totally normal! And let’s be real: we all have them. 

That’s why we love skin positivity!


It’s no secret that having skin challenges can lead to low self-esteem. And social media doesn’t exactly help. 

As you scroll through Instagram and TikTok, you might get the impression that everyone out there has flawless skin. It’s so essential we keep in mind that there are endless filters and editing tools to change how we look and how we show ourselves to the world. 

While there’s nothing wrong with using filters for fun or waiting until you feel your best to take a photo, there’s no such thing as perfect skin. 

Beauty comes in all forms

Hashtags like #SkinPositivity, #FreethePimple and #AcnePositivity online are helping people to feel a sense of normality and belonging about their real skin. That means you can show up as you (without the need for editing). 

With a supportive online community, skin positivity celebrates skin of all types – whether you have acne, bumps, textures, or scarring – it doesn’t matter! Show them off and help encourage others to do the same. We will too!

We don't do fragrance, fuss or BS. We create the skincare you deserve - honest and impowering formulations that just work, and are made for a better version of your skin.